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Lí-Lí Octave has had quite the transformation since her first stage appearance at the 2012 Jazz and Creole music festival in Dominica.
The singer, who we all know by her birth name ‘Lianne Letang’, and who came to be nicknamed ‘Lily’, now goes by the stage name ‘Lí-Lí Octave‘. A name that actually suits her 4 octave vocal register.
Affectionately dubbed ‘The Caribbean Queen of Neo-Soul’ by producers, Lí-Lí Octave has been serving up the fierceness lately, and thankfully we’re all here to witness it!
You’ve all been waiting for the moment this loveable, Dominican goddess would finally release an original song and that moment is only 5 short weeks away!
‘What Do We Do’ is set to release on the 3rd of September, 2021 along with the music video. Are you braced? You should be!!
The Countdown has begun!!
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