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With four more weeks to go, we can’t help but acknowledge Lí-Lí’ Octave’s knack for subtle hints. Pay attention, ’cause you just might be rewarded for your observations.
“‘What Do We Do’ is by no means your typical song. It reflects the many phases of moods that people go through being in an oppressive relationship of any kind and contemplating leaving,” says the musical songbird.
Lí-Lí Octave relishes being an advocate for the voiceless who are in oppressive situations.
“I truly hope that I could impart my strength to all those who would listen to my music and I could help empower them. I write with you all in mind and I can relate because I’ve been there,” Lí-Lí Octave intimated.
Could this be a new “Self Awareness” anthem?
‘What Do We Do’ music video and debut single by #LiLiOctave comes out on 03.09.21
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